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Tale of a Story

This post was selected as one of the winners for the Love, Adventure & Miracle contest of BlogAdda.com Ajay was an IT consultant by profession. He was neither a geek with intelligence oozing out of every word he spoke, nor was he a dumb person. He considered himself to be budding writer. The reality though … Continue reading

If I and all become great know, that’s all!

When someone asks me about what I have achieved in life, I usually think for a while, then for a little more, then a lot more and usually come up with this list. Multiple partners for playing mummy daddy during LKG to First Standard. Inventing the school game “Coin Drop, Color Spot”. (2nd to 5th … Continue reading

Tihar Tea to Anna Tea, Chechi Chaya to Bips Sips

This is one of the many business ideas that has been brewing in my head for many years now with no progress beyond the “idea” stage. Having an idea that you are passionate about and don’t do anything about is like being pregnant and overdue. You just want to get over with it quickly somehow. … Continue reading

Teri Maa ki… – A Dynamic Abuse!

Read an article in TOI that the Aussies still haven’t forgiven Sachin Tendulkar for supporting Harbhajan during the 2008 Monkeygate scandal. Sachin was an important witness in the enquiry that followed. Apparently he clarified to the enquiry committee that Harbhajan had used abusive word in Hindi and not did not call Symonds “Monkey”, as he … Continue reading

Mokkai Story of a Singakutty

phone rings at five thirty its wake up call from pondatti promising to get up swiftly he sleeps again for twenty twenty becomes thirty thirty becomes forty but sleepy is our singakutty only when its time to potty he races like a muyalkutty finishing quickly dirty duty bathes and wears his jetti now don’t you think … Continue reading

The Bathtub Girls

WARNING: FOR ADULTS 18+ ONLY: This post contains SEX and EROTICA and references to KINKY stuff, though I don’t think it is explicit, for some of you it might be. Even, if you are offended by these kind of stuff, do read on. I was away from home already for a month and all alone in a happening … Continue reading

Beer + Bed + Beauty = Burqa!

There are 3 common criticisms that face Islam as a religion. Nope, they are not Beer, Bed and Beauty!. But Burqa, Polygamy and Terrorism. The last one is a serious topic so I am not getting into that, but I am penning my thoughts on the other two. Let me start with Burqa! 1500 years … Continue reading

I Am Like This Only! – Mind It!

the ego hasn’t rambled in a while. have been quite out of sorts over the last month or so. have also been sort of out of touch with my inspiration. but here i am with a new post or posts probably. the first thing that gets me writing here is a discussion that i had … Continue reading


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