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Dear God, Join Twitter and Facebook

Hey God, Glad to hear that you’ll work on my suggestions. But why can’t you come in person and tell me that? You are THE GOD, for god’s sake, don’t sneak into my dreams, talk and escape before I wake up. Be a man, next time come when I am awake. I know what you … Continue reading

Yo! Playboy God

Disclaimer: If you are religious and get offended with anyone being casual about god or can’t handle things in a lighthearted way, this is not for you. Yo God, Why didn’t you reply to my last letter?. I guess you were busy preventing Salman Rushdie from attending the Jaipur Literary Festival. Dude, you may have … Continue reading

Dear God, Are you from China?

“Yo God! Listen Up” is a newly created category on my blog. (If you think the title is offensive, then the credit goes to my friend Ratna, else me). The purpose is very simple and humble, to entertain God :). In this first post I write to him asking if he is actually from China … Continue reading

Beer + Bed + Beauty = Burqa!

There are 3 common criticisms that face Islam as a religion. Nope, they are not Beer, Bed and Beauty!. But Burqa, Polygamy and Terrorism. The last one is a serious topic so I am not getting into that, but I am penning my thoughts on the other two. Let me start with Burqa! 1500 years … Continue reading


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