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What’s In A Name?

i have a very peculiar problem with names. a problem in calling out people by their real names. its not so much with the guys whom i generally address as ”dei” a tamil word (which I have no clue as to what it means, maybe its just a ”desi” version of “oye”) anyways that can be a subject of another blog post. for … Continue reading

I Am Like This Only! – Mind It!

the ego hasn’t rambled in a while. have been quite out of sorts over the last month or so. have also been sort of out of touch with my inspiration. but here i am with a new post or posts probably. the first thing that gets me writing here is a discussion that i had … Continue reading

Tweet Trouble! Not Only For Tharoor!

some of my skills are just out of the world. a cricketer, so extra-ordinaire that, stopping the ball on the field (when i get hit by them) or if they got glued to my hand (a miracle!), was time for celebration for the team. batting sounded more like battling to me. thanks to vijay mallaya … Continue reading

Tumbling Tumblarity

for the uninitiated tumblarity is the tumblr term for popularity. based on recent activity on the tumblog, the no of posts etc tumblr rates you. when i started this blog, on the very first day i had posted 3 items and my tumblarity rose to 3 (no its not directly proportional to the no of … Continue reading

The “N”th First Post

yet again (no not again!), starting one of the numerous things that i have been planning to do for a long long time. even before the blog culture started, i have been wanting to set up a website for myself and post my thoughts on the for the world to see. i believed then and … Continue reading


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