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Need Retake!

i made a mistake there’s no retake was a bitter fight u hated my sight we did discuss only some curses the thought of it will hurt u a lot i made a mistake there’s no retake wanna say sorry until i m weary sorry – a small word for such a deed, but cld … Continue reading


unarmed n ready to fight a long n lonely night coz u said good night!

OGIF – Oh God! Its Friday!

over the last couple of years or so, either after a long work week or an idle lazy week, the only thought that’s on my mind on thursday nights and friday is…oh god! its friday. there’s absolutely nothing to look forward to most of the time on weekends. i end up spending my time in … Continue reading

Your Beauty!

on a cold night i want to write a lot about you n how i see you your face?, glowing your eyes?, inviting your smile?, enchanting your lips?, tempting hmm…more than this when i sit and think i am unable to ink about your beauty coz u know sweety u look so divine…. that intoxicates … Continue reading

Moments Priceless!

these days i feel blue coz i am without you not everyone knows who you and i, apart n far saying, miss you dear u make me feel so near my heart flies a mile when i feel u r smile just for a while when you are around even for a second joy knows … Continue reading

Last Night!

the wonderful setting and the breeze blowing there were voices near but none i could hear baby when i saw u tonite glowing in the twilight my eyes turned blue coz i was looking at u u looked so divine tat i fell in love again want to hold u light and kiss u tight… … Continue reading


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