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Let’s wear humanity on our sleeve and keep religion personal!

For many years now, and especially after ISIS twitter handle guy’s arrest in India, Sydney Siege & Peshawar Massacre!, people who do not identify themselves with Islam or do not understand it, are asking “Is this your religion of peace?”. While other’s who think objectively and Muslim’s who use their grey matter even a bit … Continue reading

Why I “Like” Indian Politicians and Hate Lokpal

Lokpal was THE hot topic every where for the last 6 months. I am writing about it when it has become not so much of an in-thing to talk about. Politicians anyways are always a punching bag. This is going to be a post about these two. Politics and politicians in India are associated with … Continue reading

If I and all become great know, that’s all!

When someone asks me about what I have achieved in life, I usually think for a while, then for a little more, then a lot more and usually come up with this list. Multiple partners for playing mummy daddy during LKG to First Standard. Inventing the school game “Coin Drop, Color Spot”. (2nd to 5th … Continue reading

Tihar Tea to Anna Tea, Chechi Chaya to Bips Sips

This is one of the many business ideas that has been brewing in my head for many years now with no progress beyond the “idea” stage. Having an idea that you are passionate about and don’t do anything about is like being pregnant and overdue. You just want to get over with it quickly somehow. … Continue reading

Teri Maa ki… – A Dynamic Abuse!

Read an article in TOI that the Aussies still haven’t forgiven Sachin Tendulkar for supporting Harbhajan during the 2008 Monkeygate scandal. Sachin was an important witness in the enquiry that followed. Apparently he clarified to the enquiry committee that Harbhajan had used abusive word in Hindi and not did not call Symonds “Monkey”, as he … Continue reading

Polygamy in Islam

Finally the long pending post on Polygamy. Here I go! Who invented We are all aware of the twosomes, threesomes and a few wholesomes practiced by kings such as Dasarathan, Solomon (this man had 700 wives and 300 concubines apparently) and many more. Hindu mythology has gods or their avatars practicing polygamy as well. (No offence, just a … Continue reading

How to enjoy the profiling (racial/regional) by Airline and Airport Security

First let me talk about Airline security (while traveling to some countries this may not apply), this is the profiling before you actually check-in and get a boarding pass. Believe that you are the chosen one Make sure you arrive at the airport not too early and not too late. You will understand what i … Continue reading

Beer + Bed + Beauty = Burqa!

There are 3 common criticisms that face Islam as a religion. Nope, they are not Beer, Bed and Beauty!. But Burqa, Polygamy and Terrorism. The last one is a serious topic so I am not getting into that, but I am penning my thoughts on the other two. Let me start with Burqa! 1500 years … Continue reading


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