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Ayodhya Babri Masjid Verdict

Finally after scores of years, the verdict is out today. The land is divided into 3 parts, each of the plaintiffs can have their own piece. Landmark judgement? Well no, it is the best compromise that you can make given the sensitivity of the issue. So is it good or bad, well I think it is good, from what I am seeing on TV, the BJP and RSS are now fine with grand temple and a mosque! (finally they have realised that being communal is not going to get them even Hindu votes). All along they have been opposed to this idea though.

My dear Waqf board and Muslim personal law board who are in no way representatives of Muslims and I am also not sure who gave them that right and I have no clue what they do for Muslims, want to appeal against the verdict. Beats me! They are no different from BJP and RSS who all along did not want a mosque and temple side by side.

Come on guys, let’s move on. All of you take your pieces of land and do what you want to.

Hindu religion works around the concept of sacred spots and places, the Prayers are offered mostly in places considered historically sacred for one reason or the other. Now whether Ram is a just a fiction from ramayana or an actual person who lived on earth and had his cradle in the disputed spot or not is a different question and doesn’t matter. If before 1949 mosque was in the disputed spot and ram temple was outside and now if the temple is to be in the disputed spot and mosque outside, what do both parties lose? Absolutely nothing.

The demolition of Babri Masjid is a criminal case and the perpetrators have to be punished. It is a heinous crime, but you can’t punish a Mob obviously. Muslims should not view this judgement as a failure, but an opportunity to quickly build a mosque and start their prayers. The exact spot hardly matters. So let’s move on !

P.S: If this is going to Supreme Court and going to take another 40-50 years, be rest assured that there will only be a bar in the disputed spot where our children will unite, drink and dance to Hare Krishna Hare Ram!


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