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I Am Like This Only! – Mind It!

the ego hasn’t rambled in a while. have been quite out of sorts over the last month or so. have also been sort of out of touch with my inspiration. but here i am with a new post or posts probably. the first thing that gets me writing here is a discussion that i had with a friend. he has written his gmat and is vying for a place in some of the top global b-schools. as part of the admissions process he has to write a SOP (whatever that is!) and some essays.

one of the asian b-schools had an interesting essay topic “Suppose you had to choose 2 people (alive or people from another era) to travel with you on a cross-country automobile trip. Who would you choose and why? What do you hope to learn from them?”.

as soon as i saw this topic my mind started thinking what would be my answer for this„ the first question that came to my mind was, lets say i chose someone from another era, u know like alexander or someone :) then i might have to drive the whole trip :). if i ask for help from friend’s to make this decision, these will be my top options

1. some of my friends would opine that a young man like me has to opt for two good looking rich girls, to have a bit of a wild trip :) – no strings attached…[g-strings are fine though :)]

2. a few conservative friends would suggest to take a couple of billionaires on the trip and get (read ‘beg’) droplets of cash from them.

3. one or two intellectual friends would suggest that i take some bright minds like einstein, edition, steve jobs, etc etc on trip.

4. and some selfish ones would put their hands up and say “take me” (to the trip of course!)

to be honest, i cant spend an hour with a weird scientist or philosopher or some great person who talks great things, leave alone a cross-country trip. if it had to be an achiever or a great person that i had to choose, i would rather choose vijay mallaya or richard branson or hugh hefner (with of course one of his mates!) :). these are the people who can make it a rocking trip!

so what would be my answer? well one person would be my best buddy, with whom i am for sure gonna have a great trip and whole lot of fun. the second one would be a driver (the pleasure of being chauffeur driven is unmatched) cum photographer (come on! its a cross country trip and u need some good photographs to blog about and brag about on facebook) cum cook cum luggage carrier cum helper etc etc (who basically does what the two of us want him to do!)

i almost forgot the second part of the question as it relates to learning. well if the best buddy i choose is a guy maybe would have tried and learned to down 10+ beers with ease, learned and planned about directing a movie, producing them, participating in a car rally, kickstarting a boy band (by boys i mean me and my buddy!). well! well! if its a girl buddy, then i would easily just learn all about her and she about me. (and maybe also certain things, that are inappropriate to be disclosed in a public forum!)

what to do! i am like this only!

p.s : oh yes! i had to give some ideas to my friend, and after considering some sane options, like the admissions director of the b-school and an alumni, some of the options stated above, we safely settled for some personality from the field my friend was passionate about – “films”.


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