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Holding You In My Hands!

coffee shop, we move into pick a corner seat for two long wait, for a hot coffee while sipping it for eternity i was staring at you and i guess you were too plush and cozy seats feeling cold in dim lights a romantic thriller film feeling you in my palm all this would be … Continue reading

Tweet Trouble! Not Only For Tharoor!

some of my skills are just out of the world. a cricketer, so extra-ordinaire that, stopping the ball on the field (when i get hit by them) or if they got glued to my hand (a miracle!), was time for celebration for the team. batting sounded more like battling to me. thanks to vijay mallaya … Continue reading

Somebody Needs Anybody, But Not Everybody!

somebody wanted to talk anybody. both somebody and anybody left all their work and hit off well with a conversation after a long time. as irony would have it, everybody also wanted to talk to anybody. now somebody didn’t like the idea of sharing anybody with everybody, though anybody was master of multi-tasking. anybody cant … Continue reading

Move On?!

there’s a point in life when there’s a strife everything, stands still life it seems, heading uphill looking back, is a pain moving ahead, no gain that is when u realize it aint always a breeze yet no point, to stay on life’s short, move on! yes, its easy to say until u face it … Continue reading


my eyes are roving trying to find you in every passerby i try to see u baby an agonising wait everyday n night why cant u be there when i want u here all this coz of you so tell me what to do!

Wanna Be With You!

knew u weren’t mine but it was still so fine was never on ground when u were around now, you’ve got to be in a world of your own n i have lost my own guess reality has struck a little late but do i want you? do i care for you? do i miss … Continue reading

Heart Beats For You!

silence has spread i m lying in my bed eyes are closed n i m feeling u in my arms it just feels, so real i can see u, so vivid can hear heart beat of not one but two is this when they say? “my heart beats for u!

Friday! Again!!

thank god its friday! its that day of the week when u r up on u r feet planning and plotting to jus chill or unwind or to rock(!) day or night on this very bright night i miss u more my heart! have nothing else to do n have nowhere to go but to … Continue reading


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