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Let’s wear humanity on our sleeve and keep religion personal!

For many years now, and especially after ISIS twitter handle guy’s arrest in India, Sydney Siege & Peshawar Massacre!, people who do not identify themselves with Islam or do not understand it, are asking “Is this your religion of peace?”. While other’s who think objectively and Muslim’s who use their grey matter even a bit … Continue reading


  • Do you use todo/tasklist/reminder apps? Please take this less than a minute survey surveymonkey.com/s/X8JR3XW. RT's will be helpful too.. 1 day ago
  • RT @kentcdodds: Have an app idea? Each week @NapknApps is bringing someone's app to life. Submit your idea -> napkn.io 2 days ago
  • Wrote JS to encode text using Vigenère cipher n feeling like I invented d cipher :) now back 2 refactoring n adding logic to decode it 6 days ago
  • RT @arunSr1ni: Urgent need for #DB2 #DBA at my company. Well paying and a job with loads of problem solving. DM me if interested. RT please 1 week ago
  • So pissed with myself for finding @codewars so late. Amazing site to get stuck, search, learn and solve! And tats how u learn to code! 1 week ago

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